Hallo David,

This is the screen video of our today’s adventure in Workadventure.

What you can not see:

  • My colleague was the first to enter Workadventure. He saw his video. Then I entered the room and started the screen video


  • My colleague’s video goes black when I entered the room.
  • In the bubble: I see my video and the micro is working. From my colleague the Video don’t work, but audio is OK. We can talk together.
  • We go to the Jitsi room
  • The iframe opens. I give my camera + microphone free for Jitsi. My colleague is in Jitsi, the microphone works, but no video
  • We are leaving Jitsi. I release my camera for Workadventure. But no more video appears. The external webcam is running. In Thebubble we can talk but no video.
  • Then we can leave Workadventure and enter again, but there is no more video.